Zefic Plus: Premium soluble Iron preparation. Citra Camax: Premium Calcium tablets and other products.
Oral Contraceptives
Smartt Cycle: Combined Oral contraceptive pills (COC) Lauren: Ultra low COC. Evron 35: OCP for Acne, Hirsuitism (CYPROTERONE) Evron Deso POP: OCP specially for breast feeding mothers. Aisha: OCP for obese and mild acne (D ROSPIRENONE) Smartt Pill: Emergency Contraceptive (Single Pill)

Condoms & Devices:
Fire Extacy
Fire Extra : Premium Luxury Condoms Variants.
Fire Exotica
Smartt IUD: Copper T intra uterine devise.

Diagnostics Kits: Pregnancy Test, Ovulation, Malaria, Typhoid, HIV, HbSag kits, Menopause Kit.

Acne Free : Acne treatment cream
Acne Free Cleanser face wash: Cleansing face wash. Lauren Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer, Disinfectant Lauren face wash: Hydrating, Nourishing face wash. Lauren SPF30: Sunscreen, skin lightening cream.

Diet & Nutrition: Actizip tablets: Dietary nutritional supplement with Ginsing. Citra 60K (D3 tablets): Nutritional supplement for healthy bones. Argimax: Natural circulation stimulant for local application. Ulivo: Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.